[Adventurer] Echo of War

Mountain level Echo of War is ready for testing.

Implement the function to search a letter in a word and clean up the scrap-heap of old robots.


I didn’t encounter problems in completing this level. I used my Twilight Glasses (infinity range).

It shouldn’t affect on this level, because all enemies in the visible area.

This is a frustrating level for me. In python the function should just be:

return letter in word

But this doesn’t work. Need to fix this so people can learn real python!

And in JS you can use indexOf :slight_smile:

Our goal to explain classic CS concepts and problems. Of course you can just use built-in tools, but if you understand their mechanic (at least in common) you can be better in development.

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OK, I didn’t know if it matters or not, I just thought to mention it in case someone fails with another glasses. I did this one after Ice Hunter, so I was still a bit traumatized :stuck_out_tongue:

@Bryukh Just finished the level with the default gear I had at that time, no issues.

Wonderful level @Bryukh, thanks!

Hi, Guys!
Can not complete this level. Always die from explose. Here is my code:

* 1. def isLetterInWord(word, letter):
* 2.     for index in range(len(word)):
* 3.         if word[index] == letter:
* 4.             return True
* 5.     return False

* 6. engineer = hero.findFriends()[0]
* 7. safeLetter = engineer.safeLetter

* 8. enemies = hero.findEnemies()
* 9. for index in range(len(enemies)):
* 10.     enemy = enemies[index]
* 11.     if isLetterInWord(enemy.id, safeLetter):
* 12.         while enemy.health>0:
* 13.             hero.attack(enemy)