[Adventurer] Humantron

The level Humantron is ready for testing.

It’s Mountain level from Geometry series. I hope you’ll get the source of the idea for this level.


completed the level without issue

submitted a LUA patch

Thanks, Harry!


Thanks! Fixed.


Are most of these levels based on chance because I usually have to submit at least twice and then it works.

It’s possible and we name it "bad seed’. However, it should be a rare case and we’re trying to fix it. Of course, it’s if you are using enough level equipment (usually it’s not too high) and warriors. Rangers and wizards are advanced heroes and for them you need other tactics then it’s described with comments.

Might I suggest instructing the player to define rightTopX, rightTopY, rightBottomX, and rightBottomY? But if you prefer to make the player actually read the code for once, I’m fine with that, too. It’s pretty obvious once you take a glance.


Can I use Humantron in other levels?

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Sorry…it was designed for this lesson only.