Feedback: Crossroads

The level is perfect (IMHO). My Tharin has finished it undamaged. I have nothing to add. It’s really good.

I like it as well! The level is intuitive as well as easy, the help article is well-written, and the level passes with or without the Ring of Speed. I am a little confused, though, as to why some swords are restricted and others aren’t.

There are a lot of swords… It’s hard to go through them all…

its perfect but initially try to play the level with Tharin but goofed up by not selecting stone builders hammer :sob:
but later changed hero to Anya and cleared the level


Got the level to work well. Can this one go before Thunderhooves?

Good level, my girls where a bit confused about the coordinate system. Putting this level early in the desert will make the coordinates easier to understand.

I added a coordinates poster to the pdf posters, if that helps.

Some of my students were having the same problem.

Hey Hinkle,

That’s the exact spot I was hoping to put it. We noticed the area was a trouble spot so I hope this level (and the next one to come) will be a further (‘easier’) practice before the rest of the Desert.

I need help on the code. I can’t do it.

Awsomedude1, first this is a new level testing thread. We mostly talk if the new level contains any bugs, is up to standard, does required additional documentation.

Tell us exactly what is issue you encountered with this level. We may update the level info if needed.

Generally, you need to be specific

  1. If you have an error tell us the exact error and post your code correctly formatted. See FAQ thread on how to format code.
  2. If you do not know how to do a step, tell us the exact step. For example “If I know the enemy position, how I build stuff to the left of it”
  3. IF you think your code should work but it does not post the code and tell us 3.1) what you expect 3,2) what you see

Could someone help? I am trying with enemy.pos.x, and enemy.pos.y.
could someone please help? (in python)

but could you help me since I’m super bad at this

@123qwerty Please post the code you are having issues with, so that we can help you. See also the FAQ for help on how to properly post your code.

THANKS!!!, oh!, I got it, thanks!