[Adventurer] Surrounded Fort


The ogres saw a chance to devastate your small group by surrounding it with all four sides! Luckily, one of your troops went out to send a message to to the main base so more troops can come. Try to defeat all waves of ogres by fending off ogres in all directions. Be sure to watch your back! The link is here.


I really like this idea, have you thought about entering the next CoCo level maker audition, like you see in: https://codecombat.com/play/audition ?


Nice one. Finally beat it. @Deadpool198 - I’d love to see your code if you don’t mind sharing it and messaging it to me. I’ll send mine to you in exchange. Thanks.


darn! i didn’t beat it! that should be a replayable level, like cloudrip brawl!


I had to use just about everything in the arsenal to beat it but I’m sure that @seojin_roy_lee could easily defeat it and @SuperSmacker could prolly figure out a way to do it with one or two lines of code. LOL.


it is possible to do any level in only 1 line of code (I think).


I have a question but did you have a oral report or something about the leader dudes…?


I just look at the leaderboard after submit is successful.


Sorry guys, this was a level I made just to start up some creative tactics, and also to keep you busy while I’m working on another level :wink:


Keep adjusting your code and submit for a different seed. Sometimes my code fails but it passes about 75% of the time.


Yeah, I spent a while in balancing that, because sometimes around 5 chieftains spawned in the last wave, so I had to move that into a referee code so only one spawns


Most of the submits, I usually see two.


Never mind sorry, it’s 2 not 1. :wink:


The first one I usually defeat rather easily, and the second I usually can’t defeat before time runs out. I’m not sure I’d have enough health to beat the second because by that time my health is dropping rapidly and don’t have much left. Five…forget it. Not happening. LOL. Nice level though. Hard enough to be interesting but not so hard that it’s discouraging.


My hint for you is at around the end, summon some paladins to constantly heal you while defending you while you take down those two Cheiftains. And have the griffin riders and those troops to take down the others.


This is a nice fun level. Best I’ve done so far is to run out of time. Then I made some improvements and failed!


Try several seeds, or use more advanced heroes, such as Ritic, and Senick. Those seems to work perfectly for me.


I’ll beat it, only spent about 30 minutes on it. Currently using Nalfar, gonna try Pender.


i used nalfar with raise-dead and got the cheiftain on my side! and fo some reason my pet keeps attacking me.


It’s a common bug with pets, it mostly occurs with the starter pets.