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[Adventurer] Loud Quietness


Mountain level Loud Quietness is ready for testing.

It’s a level to practice with the useful string methods toLowerCase and toUpperCase.


I think there is an error with the pet sample code, because my hero gets to the end without problems but the pet gets stuck without even opening the first door.
I did not modify the pet’s code


I completed this level without encountering any problems. Will there be more levels using string methods in the future?


Do you mean “with” or “about”? There are several levels about string methods like series about string search (a letter, substring and startsWith). Now this series lower/upper. Also there will be series with split. If you have more useful ideas about advanced strings, please, share them with us.


I was hoping we can use match/replace (without involving arrays, but I’ll leave that to the developers). I think trim would be useful too.


trim is useful - agree. match - do you mean regexp? In this case I think it will be in later courses.


Interesting. Could you give the sessionID for this case?


and where do I find that?


Open dev console and look for a string with sessionID.


@Bryukh One of the session seeds failed as well on the pet for me.

I think this is the session id: sessionIDs 581f6c0f995707240017ba23


Part 1

Part 2


Thanks. I’ll try to debug and find a problem.


Fixed! Thanks. It was a bug with the first top guard - she said the wrong phrase for “Loud” doors.


Added LUA patch

[Question]: Should we be running an else if statement here?

if (volume == "Quiet") {

This was inside the function onHear(event) { function.

Shouldn’t the first line be the comment for the “Move the hero and their pet to the exits.” ? <%= task %>
added this to the patch as well for each.

I might recommend shortening the goal names

To just

“Your Hero must reach the end”


“Your pet must reach the end”


It’s not critical.


@Serg What do you think ?


I’d recommend it too :wink:


minor bug found in the DESCRIPTION of the level.


Thanks. Fixed.


Did not pay attention
Before this level
But is

pet.on( "hear", function );

supposed to be so slow
its around 2 second delay for this level ( time varies from submit to submit )
and 0.9 average before it start processing

looks like this
message appears — 2 seconds delay — function starts


It’s not message delay. It’s “hearing” delay.


seems like my “engrish” is as good as always

I understand what
It’s not message delay. It’s “hearing” delay.

So this
random delay from 0.8 to who know how many ( ~ 2 sec for this level )
from message appear
to the time when message reaches pet

it is by design of pet – “hearing” realization

and best i can do is sumbit over and over
praying for low delay