[Adventurer] Meteor Strike!

After many days of referee code-writing and debugging, I have finally finished my new level: Meteor Strike

About the Level

You are currently standing on the surface of the planet of Uganda. Suddenly, a helpful wizard spots a series of meteor showers. He is immune to meteors (you know, because he’s a wizard), but you will get crushed by the meteors! :frowning: Unfortunately, there are no nearby structures, underground or otherwise, to hide in. Fortunately, the wizard has a secret spell that will disintegrate boulders, creating safety circles for you to run to when meteors fall from the sky.

Goal: Try to stay alive for 60 seconds against the rain of meteors.

Play the level at this link: https://codecombat.com/play/level/meteor-strike

Also, many thanks to @Bryukh for helping me debug my referee code :smile:


I have some feedback for you.
Can you make it so the meteor doesn’t look like it’s going up from the ground?
Can you make it so it doesn’t fall at once?
You don’t have to do these things but they’ll help make the level much better

“Can you put a red x at the center of the safety circle?”
The purpose of the level is to find “The Center of The Safety Circle”, why showing the solution?

@Chaboi_3000 the meteor has negative Z velocity. It shouldn’t be going up from the ground.

Also, I have to make it fall all at once or else people can always find ways to cheat the level. (Also if I don’t make it fall all at once, then the level might be impossible since there might not be safety points at all)

It looks like it comes from the ground.

The yellow things are the explosions of the boulders

Nevermind the boulders finally dropped. But it’ll be better if the meteor drops like a normal meteor shower but the drop speed is slower

@Chaboi_3000 can’t do that. Or else people can just use flags instead of using an algorithm

In actual meteor showers, I suppose meteors fall at high speeds due to gravity. In this situation, the meteors are falling at a speed of 250m/s. That’s pretty reasonable, realistically speaking, right?

No problems identifying the safe spots, but I have jump timing problems :thinking:

Edit: I don’t use jumpTo. I die when moving ( moveXY or move ) from the first safe spot to the second.

Success! ( A stupid omission in my previous code…)

You don’t need to use JumpTo. You can move at infinite speed.

The level is good and definitely different from the usual bloodthirsty creations. Its complexity depends on the given default code ( if any ). I think it deserve to be put on some world, maybe after some cosmetic enhancements.:+1:

Solved it, fun one. Wondering how others did it. Performance wasn’t very good with my solution.

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Performance? wdym (20 chars)

Like the graphics lag or do you mean the quality of the solution? (I don’t see how the solution could have performance problems since if it does, then it won’t be a solution)

I see a topic about “Which level do you like the most” - so this is one of my favorite levels:

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It looks really difficult. (According to my calculation you can achieve this by using Vector)