[Adventurer] New Level, for testing your computer's capabilities!

I made a new level, since my Meteor Strike Level’s Referee Code is very much bugged.

Click here if you want to test your computer’s limits: https://codecombat.com/play/level/play-this-level-to-kill-your-computer

Hint: The level is beatable. There is a secret :wink:

INFINITE LOOP DETECTED, well that’s what it said on my computer.

also I use an HP chromebook.

Yeah a chromebook isn’t powerful enough to even run the level.

For me it works fine when I press the play button.

Okay go in the editor and change the warlock a bit, so you can actually play the level :stuck_out_tongue:

how much gigs is this level anyways?

wdym how much gigs??

how many gigabites I think

so your saying that I DIDN’T say something stupid?

??? * confused * what are you talking about

Hmmm. My Mac 16 gb memory should be able to handle it. It’s the new touch bar one.

my chromebook has 16 also, look up HP chromebook.

So @Chaboi_3000 did you do it

I’m going to try it now. also by reading the comments I think it’s going to be like codecombat.com/play/level/giga-trials.

I can’t go in. at all.


How about this…

Go to the level editor first, delete the warlock, then run the level, then Press Undo.