[Adventurer] The fireball rain of doom

the link to the level there is a beam tower that shoots fireballs, destroy it at all costs! Hint: use break statements.

Whaaat my regular badge is gone! @Chaboi_3000 can you pls give it back :sob:

Im freaking out. I am really active why is it goone! :sob:

@Archion I beat it. It was really easy. The beam tower has terrible aim.

But do you know why my regular badge is gone

I have been really active

Probably because you were insulting other people.

My regular badge got removed recently too. And then it was back a day later.

Don’t worry about it.

Who did i insult? I didn’t insult anyone!

Well check all of your posts and messages and stuff and see if you find anything that could be offending (For example, I didn’t know that “He did. Read the post.” was offending)

Ouch my title lost an exclamation mark

@Chaboi_3000 give me my exclamation mark back please :sob:

K but that was a long time ago and who was flagging a lot of my posts as spam?

Who knows. Were you spamming?

In that topic you made for likes yes

Hm I think that topic got deleted

Yea but someone flagged all of my posts for no reason

No idea. Well, just saying, you need to make your beam tower aim better

how do i do that. Just submit a patch k

I don’t know how to do it. It’s a really complicated thing that probably involves different vectors, predicting where the target is going to move.

Add its attack speed. And lower its attack damage.