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[Adventurer] Soldier, Ogre and Peasant


Hi! Here is the new puzzle level (don’t worry it’s easy one) Soldier, Ogre and Peasant.

Use the Griffin Baby pet to carry some units over a river. I hope you will recognize that classical puzzle from school years :wink:


Warning, spoiler code in this image!

Fun level, minor issue with an error I got:

I did just pet.carry instead of pet.carryUnit. But the error message seems to be backwards.

Spoiler Image


Thanks. However, it’s not a level bug. Looks like some Esper’s one. I suppose you can put the image inside


Some spoiler


Great level @Bryukh! Maybe a little more description please?



Just wondering - are you in charge of designing all the pet levels?



Not in charge, my colleagues are busy with other tasks, so I took pets in work.


What kind of the description do you need?


OK :slight_smile:

(20 characters)


Nice level! Brings back memories from when my teacher used to ask that question and nobody could solve it.


The description to tell how they can all work well together.


Sorry, I didn’t get what do you mean. Who work well together? There is an explanation how to carry units, where to carry. just solve it.


The peasant, the soldier and the ogre.


It’s written in comments. The soldier hates the ogre. The ogre plots against the peasant.


Maybe some images will help. I thought that the soldier is going to say get out of here or something like that and that’s it.


Fun level and good for getting more practice using the baby griffin’s carry ability.


Nice level. Thank you Bryukh.

Thanks @Mr-Borges - Your result makes me remember some tricks.


Nice time @htrnblr , I’ll have to rethink what I’m doing to beat it.


Interesting level :slight_smile:
I scanned over the names of the soldier, ogre and peasant, and realized that they are named Cabbage, Sheep, and Wolf respectively. Is this intentional or just a hidden something to make the level a bit more entertaining to whoever who finds it? Because it is really interesting :joy:


Ha! I didn’t notice that, but I get it. This level is based on a sort of riddle about a cabbage, a sheep and a wolf.

Same idea:

If the sheep is alone with the cabbage it will eat it.
If the sheep is alone with the wolf the wolf will eat it.


I just thought it over and thought, Shouldn’t it be the other way around? Because, well, if you think of it this way…
Soldier => Ogre => Peasant
And now the cabbage thing:
Cabbage <= Sheep <= Wolf
So the soldier should be called “Wolf”, and the peasant “Cabbage”?
Nice thought :smile: