[Adventurer] Pied Piper

Hi! There is a new level with pets: Pied Piper (No, it’s not related to “Silicon Valley”).

Use the Blue Fox’s ability to lure ogres to certain points.

This is DEMO level for the ability, so it doesn’t require complex strategy and complicated code. Of course, if you want, you can solve it without the pet.


Cool level. I’m so exited until the they release that pet. Also it one of my favourite pet.:smiley:

I think we will put them on the shop later by pack after more testing.


Cool pet! The level is good for showing how the pet works.

I was able to cheat the level pretty badly by using Ritic and 2 lines of code.


I humbly suggest including a defeat goal.


Great Level! Outside of what @Mr-Borges said where I believe you should ban the use of Ritic in this level, I love this pet’s ability. It has a similar ability to Ritic’s but quite different at the same time. When I saw it in the shop, I knew I was going to buy it as soon as it came out!

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No problem. The main goal of this level is demonstrate The Blue Fox. So you can solve it as you want.

Yeah, and Wizards with “swap” and Invisibility Ring and bombs and … :wink:

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OK, but I never saved the peasants at all. I just ran to the end.

Letting people solve it their own way is cool, but I still think players should have to actually save the peasants. :wink:

Makes sense. Ok. lets save peasants :slight_smile: