[Adventurer] Evil teacher of doom!

I hastely made this level so i would rate it very easy. The wizard students teacher is actually an ogre. Defeat the evil techer and his minions. the link to the level

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Uhhh It says infinite loop detected?

Well do something about it! (It didn’t have infinity loop before I put my max armor on) btw what happened to your exclamation mark?

I don’t know why (@@)

Did you add something that doesn’t have a full component? (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Chaboi I didn’t have infinity loop before I put my good armor on. When I had 1000 health the level loaded just fine.

No i don’t think so (2@ chars)

@SuperSmacker did you write any code?

Nope. Also I pressed all three buttons FYI. They didn’t do anything helpful.

Also @Archion no need for so many barriers. The more thangs there are the more lag there is

Okay but my other levels worked with more barriers

I found the problem. Too many bobbing students. Without them the level loaded in half a second.

Really? With them, I can still load it. Maybe because I’m with no armor

Can we not have the “Window is bad” discussion please

Edit: Oh. Well yeah I can load it just fine when I only have 1000 health. But not with 3500 health.

Also none of the sprites are loading properly for some reason

Just wait for a few seconds, then it’ll load.

The sprites aren’t loading… at all…

Screenshot please? Because it works perfectly fine for me.

Yeah, it happens but after like ten seconds, it’ll fix for me.

Yeah, it used to fix after 11 seconds for me, but now, it happens but after forever, it still might not fix for me :frowning:

Still not loading…