[Adventurer] Twisted Canyon

Where did you find score?

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@Seojin_Roy_Lee seems to be able to find out anyone’s solution.

not really… you could just look at the scoreboard.

you also can’t see someone else’s solution until you finish the level.

I just finished the level without the last bonus, then I checked the people’s solutions to see how they opened the chest.

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did you read the hints?

yes no maybe so yes no maybe so yes

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Nice on the new level, quite interesting and what a challenge for beginners!


I play in Chrome but cannot see the top row… the map seems to be completely different.

I think the map changes every time someone new tries it, but not when you submit your code.
So you can write code specific to that map and when you submit it, the map won’t change.
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hey dude can you help me with a level

please make a new topic for the level you need help with

He did:

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You need to type hero attack.(“Treasure Chest”).

Hi @hashtag, welcome to the CodeCombat Discourse! :tada:
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