[Adventurer] Twisted Canyon

The new (experimental) level is available for adventurers!

Twisted Canyon

Use all concepts from the Dungeon campaign to get all coins.


The last bonus (collect 45 gold) seems to be impossible: there are only 12 gold coins on the map, which adds up to 36 gold. I see that there is a chest too, but that cannot be opened, because attack("Chest") doesn’t work.




He he. It’s possible. You just need to do what we want from players :slight_smile:

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I like this level a lot, thanks for making it, it’s really fun even more than other levels for some reason, I got the 45 gold bonus 0 damage taken.

I never knew you were hiding in the darkness for the whole time.

@Bryukh For some reason I’m stuck on Lua, even though I want to code in Python. I tried to change my language into Python in the CodeCombat home screen, but it doesn’t work. :frowning: help?

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sorry but I don’t understand what you meant. I already did a loop to make things easier. Can you give me a clue about a hidden thing or something just to clear my head and so i can examine things better?

Thank you.

nevermind I have just found it out. There is a string to attack it XD! How can I not know when I have played CodeCombat for about 2 years lol. There’s always a name for object we need attack that’s valuable. Thank you anyway! I now understand it and have completed the challenge :slight_smile:

How are you supposed solve the level? cuz I can’t use ispathclear or anything, since it’s programmaticon 1. No see through walls or anythign either, since the glasses… How are we supposed to beat it, especially since there are different maps?

This level has user based random seed, so for you it should be the same each run.

Hm… that’s not the case for me…

But okay.

Also, could you switch my language for the level from lua to python? no idea why i can’t switch it myself. it doesn’t work :frowning:

I just checked the level with your account and I see the same maze all times.
About code language – try this link https://codecombat.com/play/level/twisted-canyon?codeLanguage=python

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Too late. already beat it in Lua xD

@Bryukh Why can’t I click on the chest to view its properties/name?

Also, when I try to do move left and attack the chest, it is always off a tiny bit, but when I remove attack, it moves there.
When I look at the leaderboards, I see somebody got 75 coins. How?(Well, if it was Nick, I guess, but…) How?


It was Nick…


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Because this is a dungeon level (even it’s in the desert) so we add concepts and features step by step for new players. Also if you found how to get the coins from the chest then you know what the purpose of this task.

Hmm, I think it’s from testing. I will clear it.

not clear yet

Did you read the … [spoilers]

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