[Adventurer] Untrained Jailkeepers

Untrained Jailkeepers is available for testing!
This level is an introductory level which the user has to use their first concepts learned. Feel free to comment below about how this level should be improved!

I can’t get past the munchkins, they kill me as I run past.

You need at least the worn leather breastplate for this level. I tested with Tharin+50 health armor+simple sword, and beat the level

Duh, I was not logged in and assumed you had locked the equipment. :slight_smile:

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That worked better! Not sure why the mines are only activated by the guards, but I’m not complaining!

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This was easy peasy with ranger and wizard heroes, you should restrict them

Obviously for you it’s easy, but I won’t expect all players to have great gear at the beginning of the game.

I like it. Maybe you could make the jailkeepers have a very high health so you can’t attack them, but they get killed by the fire-traps. And the hero still doesn’t, which would force the player to lead the jail keepers into the fire-traps. That would make it more of a problem solving level, rather than a method teaching one because there are quite a lot of those.
Just an idea.
:lion: :lion: :lion:

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Thanks for the feedback! I’ll work on making it so the jailkeepers will have an insane amount of HP and Damage, and I’ll have to configure the speed to a set number so the level is possible to beat using all heroes.

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I like the level :smile:

it signed me out when i tried to play the level. but in another tab, i stayed signed in. do you know why?