Advertise and art material available for Code Combat

For now there is not yet art and advertise material available on the Code Combat website. Therefore I would suggest that there comes a webpage on the website with a link on the bottom of the website.

We’re working on a big open source project with the goal of teaching how to program to people all around the world. It’s impossible for the core team to send flyers to Ambassadors around the world. That’s why you should make several flyers, poster, banners and things like this. This way people can download these and print them themselves and promote CodeCombat in their city, schools and to their friends and family.

Note: Template source files would also be good so that people can make slight adjustments. Also I would also publish all the source files for all the available advertise content. This way people can make adjustments on these too, for example they can translate text to their own language. I would also let our translators translate the text for the flyers so that we can already provide versions for the languages we also support at the website.

Let me know what you guys think about this. But I really need these things to start spreading flyers and posters around in Belgium!

Great idea! Normally George, our designer slash business dude, would be all over this, but he is absolutely swamped right now doing job placements for Gridmancer players. I’ll see what we can do, though.