Publish Code Combat Games

My students have just finished Code Combat Game Development. Is there any way to allow them to publish their games so that it can be shared? Ideally, I would like them to be able to embed their games on their Google Site portfolio! (but if not a link would work)

Does anyone have any suggestions?


Hi @Geoff_MBS and welcome to the forum! I think at the last level you can make your own game and post the link

Hi @Geoff_MBS Welcome to Discourse :partying_face: :tada:
You might want to check out this topic It might help you.

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Hello @Geoff_MBS,
Welcome to CodeCombat Discourse! :tada: When you finish the Final Level in the Game Development, you will receive a link to share your level, and anyone who opens that link will be able to play the game that your students developed.

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