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After Completing the entire game?


My question is just how well do you understand JavaScript or which ever programming language you are using upon completing all the areas in the game at the current state of the game? I found some older posts but they were dating back to 2014, and obviously the game has come far from that point in time.

Also, do the web development and game development just skim the surface? I will not be able to make production worthy game or website after this right? That will still take some other courses or extra learning to accomplish correct?


So far I have found that when I completed all the areas I have learned what you need to learn for a starter job or a first video game. It is pretty basic coding. It can be confusing transitioning from the certain movements and options to real life.

As for the web and game dev I you can make a game or website but only if you are using codecombat because you can’t just say spawn this or that. So it does skim the surface and you will have to do some extra learning but you know the basics.


Alright thanks a lot for the response! I’m actually reading some books and doing some online courses from some websites and I use this as a way to break up the boring book work reading / droning videos of the classes. But seeing that you said you feel like you can get a starter job from completing this I feel like the way I’m going about learning all of this is great. Being said that I already had a basic understanding of the basic syntax of JS, but still get quite confused here and there.