AI League - How long will previous year arenas be up for?

Hi! I love the idea of the seasonal cups and can’t believe I missed it last year!

How long will the previous seasons’ arena be up for us to play?

Example: . Infinite Inferno Cup or Sorceror’s Blitz from 2021

Can I hold mini leagues and encourage my students to code for the previous arenas to help them hone their coding skills? Will these arenas/ leaderboard be retired at any point in time, or are they perpetual?

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We are not going to remove old arenas, except if we replace them or they are too broken (so maybe never). We have paid product for schools as “custom arenas”. @nick could you help here if we have any link for that?

Hi @Bryukh , thank you!

@nick , would appreciate if I can speak to someone to find out more about custom arenas.


No link yet; we are in the middle of upgrading our classroom version esports package; it’d be best to hit up and get a call set with our team to talk about what you need and how we can help.