Ideas for the new A.I. league season?

This is not official but if @nick looks here he can get ideas! I think there should be soccer themed season. They should have team humans and team ogres. And the ball could be made of lava! To win you have to score three goals. (it has to be hard to score)

i personaly just want more areana like lava lake clash where you just control one character directly rather than a tower defence or rts style game


Yeah I agree, would like to see an arena that is more in the style of the main-land ones (Zero Sum, Ace of Coders).

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i want to see a ai code league where shininglice doesnt absolutly dominate lol (jkjk shining is a great coder)

How about you @PeterPalov ?

Personally, I’d like to see more arenas like Tundra Tower, where you can command your units and develop your own tactic and also I’d definitely like some football (soccer) one. Completing soccer levels without flags is indeed challenging and fun.


sounds like fun!

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yeah I call it that to!

I think it would be interesting if CC did a season where simulator matches had more people per simulation like a 1 v 1 v 1 with you only controling a base hero.

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me who wants a ai league without learned or shininglice dominating (im joking obv)

also guys stop using archers or the admins are gonna nerf arche-

Wow, the devs might have used some of these, any more guys??/ @mercurym @PeterPalov @riticmaster908 ??? (sorry for the ping)

Some sorta game like might be fun. Collecting items to get bigger and eat opponents.

A sorta FFA battle arena with a bunch of people per simulation would be fun. Or a boxing game or racing game.

Really like arenas like “ace-of-coders”, lots of stratergies needed, lots of problem solving intended.


What if we had a throwback season where we go back to magma mountain or something?

That would be fun but everyone would just reuse their old code. :confused:

Hmm, prob add completely different spells & people / a completely different map. That would completely muddle up their codes. :slight_smile:


i would love to do collosus again. it felt so fun with all of the strats
just nerf heal so shininglice cant heal+munchkin group spam

Personally I want more ones like magma mountain where you control 1 single character with different abilities rather than the RTS/TD seasons we have been getting