New level i guess

new level:
you are assigned to protect a village the village has a massive military as well as a whole ton of medics and marines but the ogres have a few tricks up their sleeves they have sent a distraction party at the top to distract the villages main force but we have already noticed its a trick and are already setting up a front line the goal is to stop the ogre reinforcements from helping their southern allies but the dense terrain makes it hard to see and move so the ogre reinforcements are slow.
the link:

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The map is huge.
No decoration:
No story:
No hints:
No sample code.
Sorry, but this a just a field with units.

whats wrong with that i dont see you doing any different besides its my first level give me a break

Hey sorry.
Not trying to be offensive.
Gentler version:
Try adding some decroation.
Sample code?
Sorry about being a little harsh.
I admit, my old levels were really bad.
My old levels were just a fields filled with units.
Lately, I have been doing multiplayer pvp games.
this might help you, for custom entities, and other cool stuff you can try out.

Idk, you can do something cool, like being ablw to summon brawlers, and commanding warlocks to cast spells and stuff, idk.
Sorry about being harsh and offensive again.


Thats the spirit!
Looks like you added a story.

ive added some decor now
new link:

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I also have been criticized rather harshy when I was a noob at making levels.
From chaboi:

  1. The map is huge , can you try optimizing it?
  2. The level takes an eternity to load. You could try helping it load faster by adding units via. referee extra code( @instabuild() )
  3. There’s a lot of obsolete obstacles in the level. Can you remove them to prevent collisions?
    Screen Shot 2021-04-07 at 6.50.59 AM Screen Shot 2021-04-07 at 6.51.02 AM
  4. Add decoration. The level seems extremely bland.
  5. Are the witches really needed? I am unable to command or use them, so they don’t promote any interesting gameplay.
  6. You should definitely try using the referee. It is important in creating interesting gameplay rather than a plain “kill ogres on map” kind of level.
  7. Also some typos and grammar errors :slight_smile:

From bryukh:
Well, I can’t name it’s a “game pitch” :slight_smile:

Sorry, I don’t have time to explain and teach about making levels.
How about you put your levels for the community and ask their opinion.
You can look into other levels to understand how to add story in them,

Sorry, but currently your levels are just an empty field with units.

alright so first you say no decor and now you want me to delete it all?

I was showing some critism i got from other people.
When did I say delete it all?
Am i being mean?

I was just ginving you some ideas.

alright ive moved most obstacles out of the way

I made this for you.

Summon a warlock with.hero.summon(‘warlock’)

dude i just dont want people cheesing the level with hero.summon(warlock).

I was just showing you something.
You can see how its done here.

This is merely just showing you how to summon warlocks and stuff.

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no more modifications ive made the last update.

I will try it out.

You might want to make the lifespan for the level a little longer.
I just played your level, and spammed skellys and burls.
It said ran out of time.
Go to systems - existence - lifespan and change it to 90.
Then your level will last 90 seconds, instead of the default 60.

done just done not even me with best armour can destroy them

Try adding more summoning stuff, or remove some ogres.
Go to the thing where you cn summon warlocks, and look at the hero placeholder components.
It’s honestly really easy