Need Help for Backwoods Brawl and Sarven Brawl (python)

I need help for Backwoods Brawl and Sarven Brawl levels. For Backwoods Brawl I am on the 4th submit, and for Sarven Brawl I am at the 3rd submit. The picture for the gear I have is below, and could anyone give me some tips or code I could use to complete these levels, or maybe should I change hero??

Starting tip for Backwoods Brawl first level (or maybe two): think about enemy distance and type. You need to prioritize which enemies to attack based on type and proximity. Also keep in mind that you have a lot of weak enemies rather than a small number of strong enemies (kind of opposite to the Sarven Brawl in that sense).

I haven’t found a way to avoid taking some damage here, so I think there is definitely a minimum level of armor that you need, but I don’t know what it is. 600 to 700? I’m not sure though.

Oh, I just looked up your equipment and realized you are a ranger. I did this with a warrior with no long range weapons and 800 health at most (probably more like 600 or 700, but I don’t remember for sure). So you definitely have the arsenal to beat the level but I doubt you are using the best weapon for Backwoods. Again, you have a lot of weak enemies, most (but not all) in short range. The lightning stick is somewhat slow.

@Billy741, do you mean that you’ve beaten up to difficulty levels 4 and 3, or that you’ve tried 4 and 3 times on difficulty level 0? Are you using Senick’s heal ability, targeting ranged units over nearby melee units, and (on Sarven Brawl) running away when things get heavy?

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Oh yeah sorry, I have beaten up to difficulty levels 4 and 3. I am also using Senick’s heal ability, targeting ranged units over nearby melee doesn’t seem to help as I am pounded by the melee enemies. And for Sarven Brawl, haven’t figured out a good running away code yet :smile:
@eiler13 what weapon should I use? I thought lightning stick was the best, or at least it cost the most.

Sorry Billy, I didn’t realize you were at a higher level. I’m just at 3rd level myself on Backwoods Brawl.

But my comment about the lightning stick may still be relevant. It has good range but is slow. For example, it is high damage but can only be used about once per second whereas the similarly priced great sword can be used about 4 times per second.

To calculate those stats you can look in the store and compare damage to DPS (damage per second). You can also hover over the attack command when playing/coding to see even more info.

Lightning stick is AOE though and hits the yaks… so it’s kind of a no no.

The thing is, I don’t have warrior yet, or enough gems to buy the good swords or shields, so my knight sucks (for now, will get better stuff later
@sotonin For Sarven Brawl, I go far away from the yaks. To win the second flag I hid inside that weird canyon thingie, so yaks weren’t an issue

The yaks spawn randomly though. so i guess you are using flags?

Yaks don’t spawn in the left or middle areas of the map, so you can do your AoE stuff in there, just not in the bottom, top, or right sides.

@Billy741 That’s pretty far for using the ranger gear until we can power up the ranger a bit more with some crowd-control strategies. I haven’t beaten Backwoods Brawl 4 yet with my wizard, for example (although I know it’s possible). I think I beat Sarven Brawl 3, but 4 seems out of reach still.

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The “throw” ability is pretty good for clearing crowds, but not perfect. I think maybe the cooldown of the bows/bombs should be reduced, because rangers are not that good compared to other classes.

I just pushed it to see how far I could go with crazy tactics and was able to beat Backwoods Brawl difficulty 6:

I think it’s going to require new loot and heroes before 7 is possible.


I still can’t be 4 :blush:

What hero did you use? I’m on level four.
So far I’ve only developed Tharin. I don’t know how I’ll get gems to build up my other heros?
I’ve beaten all but two levels. Do I just keep fighting the brawls till I beef up?

If you can keep beating brawls, you can get more and more gems, but eventually you’ll top out on those. Since you don’t get gems for winning or simulating multiplayer matches yet, you’d have to wait for new levels or buy gems if there aren’t enough gems to buy all the sweet loot you want.

I like to use the wizards for stuff like this, because there are some crazy advanced strategies you can do with them.

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Nick, looks like you and I used a very similar strategy, though I was only able to beat wave 5 with mine, I can’t seem to get past about 45 seconds on wave 6. My biggest problem is not being able to take other actions during a move action. It could be greatly improved if the move() method on the Boots of Leaping had worked properly.

Unfortunately I beat 5 before the score system was implemented and it looks like it won’t post my score until I beat it again. A possible fix for that might be to have it post a user’s damage and last wave beaten even on a failed submission.

Also I didn’t know until I saw your screenshot that we had access to math functions!

I think lack of documentation is CodeCombat’s biggest failing right now.
If you’re gonna go to the trouble of implementing methods, let us know that they exist!

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You have access to everything you have access to in javascript. It is unrealistic to expect codecombat to document everything that javascript has. thats a huge list. You can get on google and read up on javascript for that information.

codecombat didn’t “implement” these methods, they are there because it’s javascript.

Sorry, I don’t have a good way to make them retroactive. Will have to wait until I fix the move boots and introduce some more sweet gear and the players who maxed out before the leaderboards arrived can keep progressing.

We actually do have CodeCombat-specific docs written for most of them, abut we haven’t yet figured out how to give you an item that would let you see those docs without exploding the help area.

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Yes, I would really like better gear :smile:
maybe you should buff up the bows because they are not very good