Alpine rally help!


Since I don’t have the dark wizard, this level is nearly impossible. Tharin doesn’t have the mana-blast to help.


Well, it is a subscriber level. So needing a subscriber, hero unit isn’t a problem issue.

It even specifically states this in the email.

Subscriber bonus level. Pender Spellbane is trapped in a valley full of enraged yeti, and some ogre scouts intend to seal her doom. Use all of her skills to escape! (Pender Spellbane is probably the only hero who can win this level.)
[/quote] (emphasis added by yours truly.)


Vlevo is right you need subscription pass. You have to buy it unless you hack it or some sort.


I’ve tried it with the Samurai hero class, hoping that his warcry() would speed him up enough, but no success (maybe if I have the top armor and the fastest shoes… but might be cheaper to just get the correct hero). I made it to x:83 with troops in sight.


Is this level possible with the second fastest hero: Nalfar Cryptor??


Try it. You’ll have some enemies blocking your way, but I can immediately think of some spells that can you get past/through those groups without mana-blast. You’re higher health will definitely help (relative to Pender).

I did it, though my solution is neither exceptionally beautiful nor leaderbord-worthy. I sacrificed friends, swapped with foes (Elemental Book V), used Shockwave (also Elemental V), used Haste (also Elemental V), used Invisibility (Ring), the Speed Ring, used Flame-armor (not worth the casting time) and still only barely survived. Also with over 20 seconds I probably have the longest recorded time. I for some reason stop for 3-4 seconds at the end (I haven’t figured it out), but I still make it so no problem for me.


Will be unlocking Nalfar and trying the same this week. thanks


New to Spellbane.
Not sure why the haste spell is not being casted in the following simple code:

[details=Code, the { self.cast(“haste”, self) } line is not executing]```
self.moveXY(self.pos.x + 1, self.pos.y)
if self.isReady(“invisibility”):
self.cast(“invisibility”, self)
if self.isReady(“mana-blast”) and self.pos.x == 108:
if self.canCast(“haste”, self):
self.cast(“haste”, self)
if self.isReady(“reset-cooldown”):

Thanks in advance.


Use hero.move() instead of hero.moveXY().


@juraj_pechac - nopes, move() is not helping in lieu of moveXY
The following simple code is still failing, I think Pender is unable to cast the haste onto self. How to do it?

Pender not running code:

while True:
    self.moveXY(self.pos.x + 1, 34)
    if hero.isReady("haste"):
        hero.cast("haste", self)
    if hero.isReady("reset-cooldown"):

  • Haste is granted by Elemental Codex.
  • While True is not necessary.
  • Use hero.resetCooldown(“haste”) after 5s.

First 3 lines:

hero.cast("haste", hero)
hero.moveXY(100, 37)     


Thanks, I completed the level finally.