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Already failing but I haven't even started!?


Feedback for devs and psychs working on the platform:

I start a new level and I always see

I haven’t even having started and I’m failing?!

This is not a useful message nor true.
see screengrab


Same here too. I just believe that this is normal. Its just if you press play and you haven’t coded anything yet, it means the player isnt doing anything yet, meaning you ‘failed’. but you can still change it.
Hope this helps!:ok_hand:


Thanks for the thoughts.

I do understand that I can continue on but I don’t think it’s a useful /helpful message UNTIL the code is run… therefore, the message should be be empty or say something like “Oh master of code, what do you command?!” or something like that. :wink:



True. I agree.:grin:


Maybe the message should read “goals unatained” or something to that effect. As to not give the negative connotation perceived from their term “failing”, but show that the code as-is will not achieve the goals.