Suggestion: Don't say "FAILING"

Hi – I realize that failure is a necessary step in learning, just as it is a necessary step when making progress in a computer game. However, for those who are programming-phobic, it might be a bit soul crushing to see “GOALS: FAILING” so prominently displayed when trying to solve a puzzle. If there is any way to say “GOALS: INCOMPLETE” or GOALS: IN PROGRESS you could convey the same message without the fear-inducing language.

Just a thought! It’s easy to nitpick about these things.

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Personally, I think we need to teach people that it is alright to fail, so long as they’re willing to try again. That the only time you truly fail is when you stop trying.

That said, I’ll pass along the suggestion that we consider “IN PROGRESS.”

Only problem is that we already have an “incomplete” status, for when you haven’t failed any goals but you just haven’t succeeded at all of them. Like, you are incomplete when you haven’t collected all 30 gold, but you are in a failing state when you fail to keep your hero alive from the ogres. So you’d need something different enough from that text. Any ideas?

“Try Again”


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I always tell the students that fail is