An announcement from Hellenar


Greetings! Hellenar here.

It’s been a while since last I logged on to Discourse, and even so, I admit that I have been generally inactive. I’ve been busy over several other things, such as my new animation channel and the heavy school workload. After a few months of consideration, I have decided to take my leave from the CodeCombat community.

During my brief stay here, I have met wonderful people and learned quite a bit along the way, but I find that computer science is not my forte. Life goes on, and us with it. While I have decided to leave, it is not to say that I will never come here again. I will still check back occasionally, but I will be a lot less active than I already am. I won’t be able to help anyone out, unfortunately. The way things are now, it seems the most I can do is scan the new and popular topics, but little else. I may be somewhat more active on the CodeCombat Discord server, but I don’t think I will be able to help out or moderate. I feel that it would be a lot better if I were simply a member, as I don’t know if I can be of practical use anymore. If anyone requires any assistance, there are many other regulars and leaders here who will be happy to help (and are a lot more actively involved).

I will miss this amazing community. Carry on coding, and I hope you have a happy 2019!

~ Hellenar ~


I hope happiness, sucess and love in you way Hellenar!


Considering how well you’ve done here, I’m sure if you put that kind of effort into any of your endeavors, you will succeed at whatever path you choose. Good luck!


You have been a big help for everyone on the forum, and thank you for that. I am sad to see you go, but good luck on your animation channel.:frowning_face::rice_ball::rice_ball::rice_ball:


UPDATE: I will still be looking at this topic for the next few days, but afterwards, you’ll see a lot less of me.
Thanks for all the kind words!


Thanks for helping out actively in the past! I hope you have fun in creating a fascinating channel with your animations!