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I am suspending myself from CodeCombat


Hi CodeCombat Forum!!!

This message is mainly for the makers & people that have helped me.
I have a real life problem which is guaranteeing myself a life sustaining job.
Right now I’m in a probationary period of 600 hours to prove that I am an employee worth keeping.
And I’m performing well at work as they are telling me.
Though just recently I had a “performance interview”.
Now again I am able to perform well.
What I lack was the knowledge of work procedures XD.
I thought there was no need to know too much due to the fact I was told quite a few times that I was doing well.

But straight to the point of this message I wanted to tell you guys CodeCombat is great especially the fact its free with a choice of premium help.
I really want to help everyone behind CodeCombat as a thanks for making a learning tool to help me.
It has been great that I had some interactions the forum.
For now it seems I might want to make more time for my work life so I can have a solid position in my work place.
So I may not be around CodeCombat for a while.
I estimate about a month or 2 XD nothing too long.
I do aim to invest a good deal of my life into doing computer code cause that’s where all the fun is at.

Thanks again CodeCombat!!!


@HeroslasherX I have been there many times, where I placed work first to ensure that I was able to do my best.

Good luck, and when you feel like coding, we will be here.



So just wondering but did Codecombat help you get your job? And if so what language did you use? I’m currently using Lua since I’m a game developer but I’m wondering if other languages might be better to learn to help me with C++ and/or get a job. I’m really glad to see Codecombat helped you out in general :smiley:


Sorry to confuse you man XD.
I did not get a job in coding what so ever.
I currently have a factory job that pays well for labor work.
You would probably know more than me by the looks of your message XD.

I have explored a lot of what people have said about coding opportunities.
What I heard when it comes to becoming a hired game dev is real hard.
But thats like big game company devs.
And I heard that its to be expected to work 70 hour a week.
In terms of small or indie game development, I don’t know much.
I have heard there is less competition when it comes to looking for a C++ job.
And indie devs tend to need talent both in art and code to create a better game compared to other indie devs.

Again this is what I have heard if I remember right and this info I got that is recent like within this year.

Heres a youtube channel of a dude who talks a lot about coding careers:
Simple Programmer

I hope anything I said helps XD


Thank you so much for all the insight! I’m actually just learning coding myself, my Game Development jobs are not necessarily coding related but I want to learn. In the past just working for my own company I’m a Project Manager, Level Design, Gameplay Designer, Public Relations, Lead Tester, etc with only light coding work. Thank you again for taking the time to write all of that out and I wish you the best :slight_smile:


@TheReaperKing I would look at the job in specific that you want when it comes to learning a language.

C,C++,Java, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby, Javascript, … C#

They all can have value, but if you are looking at a C# job and know C++ they still might pass you by for someone who says they know C#. I would look to learn the language in use by the company that you were working with. At least that way you could try to fix a bug etc to get started.