Annoying Multiplayer arena bug

Hi everyone,
I’ve recently found a very annoying bug with the multiplayer arenas which I haven’t seen before.

What happens is that, for example you look at your multiplayer matches, see one you’ve lost and click and click on the: defeat the (other colour).
It then takes you to the right place and shows you the usual level set up, then if you go to the menu to change you hero, item of equipment, language…etc.
Which I do a lot, and then press play again, on the inventory section, it shows the usual level set up, but you’re playing against the Simple CPU.

It gets very annoying if you’re trying multiple strategies or just tweaking your code, because you have to go back, go to your matches, and click on the defeat the (other colour) button again.
This also takes a lot of time because on my computer the loading gets quite slow sometimes.

If you (@maka) could help that would be great,
Thanks :lion: :lion: :lion:

P.S. this occurs on all the multiplayer arenas.

P.P.S. and this didn’t used to happen until recently.

Do you mean the change hero menu or what?

I see the same behavior as Deadpool in multiplayer arenas.

Maybe the creators tweaked something to work differently, but it caused this. I really doubted that it was a glitch because many of you see it.

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It might not be a glitch, but it should be fixed. It definitely isn’t purposeful, because it just wastes time and is frustrating, and I don’t see why they would want that.

I meant:

It doesn’t matter which one, you still have to press play and reload the level for all of them.

Oh, yes. That happens a lot to me. It is very annoying, but is not a bug.:rice::rice_ball:

Well it wasn’t there before, and it’s a problem, so I don’t see why it shouldn’t be a bug. :lion:No?

for me it was always there.:rice_ball:

Even more reason for them to get rid of it.


I think the game needs to load the level with the hero. It’s just part of the code that made CoCo!

Try to press “go back” button of your browser when the level is completely loaded with Simple CPU as the opponnent.

Hi @Deadpool198 - could you repost this with exact steps to reproduce it so I can report it as a bug?

However, just as a warning, this is not something we will be fixing any time soon. It will be considered low priority compared to other arena issues and classroom issues/content.


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