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Multiplayer Viewing Not Working


After I do the multiplayer levels, I submit it and then other people compete against me (obviously). A few days later, I get an email saying something along the lines of: Here are your multiplayer scores. It tells me who I beat and who I lost to. Then, it has these giant signs that say: SEE MATCH. When I click on them, it takes me to the level and starts loading. However, it never actually loads. Is this a bug or should I just be more patient? And is there any other way to view your matches, because I want to see why I lost and improve my code.


Try from the site with people who use same programming language. There is a bug (or something) that lets me “view”/train against other people using JS, but it hangs against people using Python.


How do I try it from the site? I click on multiplayer, but then it takes me to a bunch of different multiplayer arenas, but they are extras, not from the campaigns.


If you play in the dungeon you should drop to the respective page on site afterwards, for example

I just keep those bookmarked in browser.


Well, I still don’t really understand, but say I played the Dueling Grounds level, would the ip address be: (obviously without the ?)


Yeah, you can try and see for yourself. :slight_smile: