After playing multiplayer, I can't play single player?

Whenever I click on single player I get dropped into Dungeon Arena.

Oh wait, I guess that was supposed to happen? I kind of expected to see a level selection screen or something.

@jessealdridge That’s a bug! I’ve created an issue:

Basically that link takes you to the last level you played. Until we introduced the multiplayer, that worked, but now it should be fixed to only ever point to single-player levels.

You can see the list of single-player levels here:

@jessealdridge I don’t think this should be happening any more. If you try playing a single player level, then play Dungeon Arena again, it shouldn’t take you back to Dungeon Arena when pressing the Single Player button any more–can you give it a shot and let me know if it’s fixed?

Yep. Seems to be fixed.