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[answered] What does the 'unsubscribe' button do?

What does the ‘unsubscribe’ button do? Does it make your subscription not renew? Or does it completely end it?

Uh probably completely end it is my guess. And if it doesn’t renew still technically gets rid of it when it ends.

Yeah, but I want to just make it not renew…

Well you should prop ask Chaboi.

You mean ‘prob’? C: (20 chars ._.)


probably iguess ?20chars

Chaboi is just a moderator on discourse, he doesn’t really have any role in the code, so I don’t think he would know.

Ok so? He might know your question.

He probably won’t, but ok. Should we ping him though? Since I think Nick or Bryukh will know for sure.

It will stop renewing your subscription, but you will still be able to enjoy the remaining amount.

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Alright, thanks.
20 characters…