Can't unsubscribe 2020

The button isn’t working. Nice timing with Corona and all…

@Tentacles, try emailing

They should be able to assist…and, welcome to the forum!

Double clicked it? Try doing that.

They took my money because this unsubscribe button. IDK if its either a bug or this company is a thief. They broke the button so that i cant unsub. I want my refund back because i haven’t play this game for Weeks/Months

Hi @MarzZ_Y, welcome to the CodeCombat Discourse :tada:
Sorry to hear about this, please email

Contacted them, not any replies for a day, interesting

It might take them more than a day or two to reply, but I think you’ll definitely get a reply in a week or so.

This is a very frustrating issue! Did it end up getting resolved?

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Hi @codeluggage, I’m not sure whether this issue has been resolved. I’m sorry for any difficulty it’s caused you. If you need further assistance please contact and they’ll be able to help you.


The same thing happened to me a few days ago, where I would click the Unsubscribe button and it would do nothing. I emailed and they responded within the day and canceled my subscription.

@Bubble_Animations I think that @Tentacles have solved the problem because he did not asked for help for a while. So please do not revive dead topics(unless you have the same problem).


This has nothing to do with Tentacles, so you are very misinformed. I had this problem, as I wrote in my post. I was letting people know how I solved it in case anyone had the same problem in the future.

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Ok, sorry for the misunderstanding!


Forgot to assign @codeluggage the Leader role. He’s one of CoCo’s developers. They’re working on a fix at the moment.


Haha, lol. Must have looked like a bit of a numpty telling him to email support ! :grin:


Haha it was very helpful and kind, though! :smiley:


Hi everyone! I wanted to let you know that this issue has been resolved now :tada:

It turns out that the unsubscribe was working, but only if you didn’t write add a message in the form before clicking the button! That is part of why this wasn’t caught earlier.

Thank you everyone for being so patient and understanding with this issue, and for your kind help and emails to support.

We will be reaching out individually to people who may not have noticed that unsubscribing failed, and make sure they are not billed.

Have a great weekend everyone! :slight_smile: