Any Tips For Tundra Tower

Are there any tips for tundra tower? Post them here. It helps me a lot! :smiley:

Start by placing towers in 2 of the corners on the other side to get more mana for killing more monsters

What do you mean?:slight_smile: (20 character thingy)

Which spots please thank you

Like starting by placing towers on I think F and G so their mana consumption will be lower than yours make sure you have a way of keeping the monsters from doing damage to your base.

Oh ok, Thanks a lot! This helps me

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I think this topic will help you:

This actually made my losses more and my rankings kinda low. Could you give me some other tips please? Thanks so much

I usually start with building towers on the 3 closest spaces to the hero (‘A’, ‘B’, ‘C’), so by the time the monsters reach there, they are already built.

Hello there. What is this game?

Its the AI League thingy, it’s hosted by CC.

Thanks! Helps me a lot

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CodeCombat (20 character)

You should try using anomalies. I did a push around my tower, a pull at the center and then teleported enemies to my opponent’s base. Works like a charm. (sometimes :smile_cat:)

Actually, don’t use teleport. The problem is that if you teleport, and they counter it, because of your cooldown you won’t be able to teleport back. And when they teleport, they get a chance to teleport some of their original monsters too.

Another tip is to burst monsters to the opposing side right after they spawn

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I have a program that keeps using anomalies until it detects the enemy use one, and then it switches to countering any anomalies

clever. very clever.

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How? Can you please teach me? Thank you

(Maybe that was the plan)

It wasnt. These were a set of tips created for general population. Each strategy will be different, and using all of them at once will result in a mess. I created a set of conditions and information that a player could use to get a head start. Sorry if my tips were incompatible with your strategy. I’d like to hear from a new perspective.

Also looking over my tips, what didn’t work for you???
That is mildly concerning, unless they changed the game again.