Beta Test "Tundra Cup" Arena

The beta test is available and you can try the next challenge arena.

Tundra Tower Cup

As usually with beta test creators can add/remove API or just changing monsters to pink elephants.

Feel free to post bug reports and your ideas here.

Is there a way to get a guard’s x and y position?

Also, guard.special(‘home’) gives an error:
“guard.keepTrackedPos is not a function”

is there a way to let guards attack the enemy base?
also, a suggestion: let anomalies have more of an effect on guards, rn they are really weak against guards
(maybe even let teleport work on guards?)

Edit: lumped all 3 posts into 1

The hero.findEnemyGuards() function does not appear to return enemy guards on my side of the arena. Additionally, when I use the hero.findMonsters() function, I receive an error stating that no such function exists.

Bug: Monsters are unable to attack the base if they have been bursted before.

Added. I hope haven’t missed any monsters. You can use x and y properties.

Fixed. 20 charcters.

You can but your attacks are useless.

They should ignore all anomalities, if it’s not so then I need to fix it :slight_smile:

There is not method as hero.findMonsters, only guards can. if it’s critical I can add it for heroes.

As for the hero.findEnemyGuards() - just checked and no problem. Maybe it’s something else.


The link was changed Tundra Tower

Ok; thank you for the information.

The x-coordinates do not appear to be mirrored if a simulated game is run with the player on the ogres team.

Something seems wrong with the guard.findMonsters() function. When I play as blue, it seems like my guards try to attack the closest enemy tower to the enemy base when they go to attack an enemy at one point.

(Probably) Bug: Guards can walk across the “ravine” in the middle.

Not a bug for sure. :slight_smile:

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Any examples? I’ve tried to play as a blue team and don’t see a problem with guards. Is it a problem with some monsters?

This is weird. Towers aren’t attackable even. Need to research

It seems like it is a problem with anomalies. When I perform an anomaly, it appears on the other side of the arena when I play as blue, I have tried to make if-statements to resolve this, but that method does not appear to work.

Also, if both of my guards attack an enemy guard, one of my guards stops completely, but my other guard functions normally.

The image is still the iron and ice one.

Also, what is the guard’s attack range?

its 3 meters i think