Tips and Tricks for Tundra Tower

Hey, everyone.
I am here to help give little hints to those participating in the Tundra Tower event this month.
(Also, really like the new guard models)
I see a pretty skewed distribution in scoring, and I love watching everyone try and figure out the best method from different skill levels. I will be posting as often as I can little tips.

But for now: You can use a pull anomaly on the other side of the field. This can help attract monsters to your enemies’ crystals. This could be especially helpful early game, as the towers will be providing minimal damage to enemy units.


Tip number two: use as little variables as humanly possible.
assigning a variable takes time for the program to run, and in Tundra tower, every milisecond helps. if you can avoid using a variable do so, as it will make your code faster, and have quicker response times from your program.

Por ejemplo

instead of doing

var towerA ='archer', 'A');
hero.setTargeting(towerA, 'strong');

try doing something like

hero.setTargeting('archer', 'A'), 'strong');

Okay, I am not going to tell anyone how to, but change the guard behavior.

A lot of times people will make the mistake of not changing the guard behavior, because they don’t want to mess with something that seems to be working already. But I implore you to explore the possibilities.

One suggestion is to put a distance cap on how far your guards can move. I personally find that when my guards are moving across the gap on the tournament stage, they end up being a bigger help to the opposition than me, so by limiting the distance of which a guard can move to in order to attack, we can prevent the guards from moving over and helping the other team.


Be careful when creating special ability counters.

The functions I have seen by themselves seem to work best under a very specific set of conditions. You don’t have to code to beat one person, you have to code to beat the majority. Upper level players may use teleport, but that doesn’t mean that lower rank players use teleport. What’s the point in beating someone like PeterPavlov, ThatOneLuke, or the beloved Nick Winter, when you’ll lose to someone in near the bottom. Try to cover all scenarios in your coding.

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To add my own contribution to this thread, I have found that it is better to use a burst to push enemies into the energy barriers on your side of the arena than to use a burst to push them away from your base.

To add my contribution, experiment with different tower combinations and targetting systems for different waves

Different towers work for different enemies. However, there is a universally accepted best tower in terms of DPS, and that is the Archer tower. When mowing down large numbers of medium health enemies, an all-archer strategy is the way to go, and is highly effective early to mid game

Archer Summary

Archers can twice a second with the fastest cooldown time of all of the towers.
Archers deal 24 dps for all units
Archers have a starting range of 22, which increases by one meter every round
Early to midgame tower

However, if you are facing a wave with a large quantity of flying monsters, a mage tower is the way to go. They have a higher range than the archer tower, which makes them capable of doing more damage earlier. But the real kicker of the mage tower is its x4 damage buff on flying enemies and piercing damage, which is incredibly useful in the mid and later stages of the game.

Mage Summary

Range: 30, increases by one for every level
7 damage, but x4 damage to flying enemies.
Nonflying dps: 7
Flying dps: 28
When facing large numbers of close together flying enemies, a mage tower will decimate the enemies.
Mid to late game tower

Now for the frost tower. Oh, the poor frost tower. This is a great tower to have in the early game, when trying to get on your feet and establish a better defense around your crystal. However, the tower slowly reduces its effectiveness over time, as the issue no longer becomes the speed of the enemy, but the health.

Frost Summary

Slow cooldown, only slowing enemies in a 10m radius every 2 seconds.
They aren’t that great later in the game, or I have not been creative enough to find a way to make them so.

Cannons. AOE damage. Thats pretty much it. And also, flying units wont be affected by cannon attacks, so if you’re in a wave with a lot of flying monsters, change that cannon to a mage.

BRO, WHAT HAPPENED TO IRON AND ICE? I look away for a week and everything changes.


To add my contribution, a way to test your code is to try battling the top 1# players and try see how long you last against them.

Another trick is to change the URL to play as ogres:

your original URL looks something like this, now you have to change “humans” to “ogres”

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this is old but here are some tips kiting, kiting is just roaring and bringing enemies to the other side make sure they are high on health though, and also dynamic tower strats which is calculating how many enemies there are and do things accordingly using burst to push enemy on every wave quick hint for you(“every wave is 3 sec”) and never use frost it really bad