Any way to sell things?

I have a lot of junk in my closet because codecombat, you can’t sell things!
this is my junk:

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I am not sure if you could but I’m sure you could report it!

Treat them as collections :smile:


This is being worked as we speak(well maybe not) there are many other posts about this

I had my TODO somewhere else, but now I’ve put it on GitHub so y’all can follow any progress:

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I suggest a rather simple solution: make a “reset your purchases” option. This would remove all your previously purchased items and refund the gems, so you can build a new gear with your hard-earned gems.

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Last time:

Imagine you want to try the goldstorm-wand. You don’t have the gems for it, but you can temporarily sell your Ranger-equipment (because you wont need it as Wizard). After you completed a Level as Wizard, you decide that they are lame and you want to play Warrior instead. So you sell all your gear and buy the best gear for warriors.

The problem with that is that once you accumulated around 30000 Gems (Not THAT hard) you can buy one set of the best equipment (and have some gems spare). And if your current set doesn’t fit anymore, buy another while selling the first. If you would loose gems by selling, you can’t do this anymore.

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I don’t get what that means. Could you paraphrase that?

He means that is you reach around 30,000 gems and you can reset at anytime you want you can literally get a high end set of gear for any hero. Now if a penalty was imposed you wound not be able to do this

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Well, I believe that 30000 gems is not that easy to collect: that equals 25 euros direct purchase OR 9 months of subscription (=90 euros) OR probably all 150 levels on free play (I played about 90 levels so far, simulated about 15000 games, which adds up to about 13000 gems in total…)

So even though 30000 gems could buy you the best gear for any hero, by the time you reach that amount, you have invested a lot of time and/or money in this game. Which should probably give you the opportunity to discover other aspects (=heros) of the game, without further investment…

Mind that later levels give you way higher amounts of gems than the first ones. One subscription also enables you to also play the subscriber-levels, giving you gems twice. If their was no penalty for selling, I would happily spend 10-20 €, seing that more expensive recent games have a way shorter expected playtime and don’t teach me anything.

Also what you seem to forget is that CodeCombat is supposed to make money for the developers. I don’t say they only care for money, but a few families count on the income from CodeCombat.
If you want to try everything out, download and install the whole project on your PC, you can give any amount of gems to yourself there.