Equipment selling

Is there a Option to sell equipment I don’t use anymore?

No, as far as I am aware of.

Here’s the github page about that:

And you can search the discourse for more topics about it, there are multiple ones. But I don’t think it will happen any time soon.

can u make it possible but once you sell it you only get half the gems you bought it for.

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well thats not good then!

why? it will not be fair then!

its kinda ur fault u got the item, if you sell it back thn get another one, its kinda a ripoff

Oh ok now i see!!!

Heheh i understand now

also, if you used the item, it’s expected to be cheaper cuz it’s second handed

ok thanks for the also @EpicCoder999

restarting the game is also a good solution :smiley: you get all your diamonds back :smiley:


It’d even be nice to be able to get rid of some old, junky armor with no gems back.


try not reviving dead topics @_Codemaster

only the subscribed one’s or bought