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Can I sell Items?


Can I sell my old items that I don’t need anymore?



No, you can not. This feature has been discussed, but has not been implemented.


Can you ask for it to be implemented? Because I’m stuck on Summit’s Gate and I need better armor and stuff but I only have 1,132 gems.


Rest assured, they will be working on it. In the meantime, you can simulate games to earn you gems.


The “sell back items” feature-request is being tracked over here.


Ok, Thanks! :wink:

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you can pass the inhance levels to earn more money. finlly I bought the sword (200dps) and pass that level.


What are the inhance levels?


sorry my English, that level is when you past it it will become more harder, and the reword is also more than before


Hemeans replayable levels, like Backwoods Brawl, Backwoods Treasure, etc.


Oh Thanks!

But the problem is that I am on Levels 4 and 5 on all of them and I can’t pass them anymore


ya codecombat would be way more awsome if you can sell things
plz add if you can