Anything is okay

You can post anything you like in this topic. I was bored so I wanted to see how many people were bored too.

I just joined and I don’t know how to start so I just made a topic

My siblings taught me some stuff so I know the basics to CodeCombat Discourse

good to see another new face! yeah, this is a decent way to start lol

good to know I’m not the only one that’s chatting here!

everything topic are not allowed but i did make a everything pm i will invite you later. btw its fine since you didn’t know just don’t do it again

heres the full rules

welcome to the discourse place where tweens and teens hang out and talk about coding and other stuff

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sorry, i’m new and I didn’t know.

knaw your fine just don’t do it again

ok so to close it step one is to go and edit your topics category to level-help

ok, thanks for helping me. btw, do you know @riticmaster908? he’s my brother

oh you are cool. yea me and him have gotten into a few fights but he’s pretty cool

thx. he’s told me about his online fights with people

lets just say we don’t see eye to eye on lgbt issues. also the next step to closing the topic is to click the “mark as solustion”

if you have anything else to say you can pm me

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