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I am new. Please help!

Hey everyone. I am new to this site. What is this site for other than CC?

Hello and welcome to the Code Combat discourse. :partying_face: We have some amazing people who would LOVE to help you with bugs, creating levels, and getting through levels. Don’t forget though, when you need help, create a new level, and format your code correctly Or, you can just chat with others in topics. Please go to this topic: here to see more details. We would be happy to just chat with you to! And I am reading Harry Potter right now lol. I am on Goblet of Fire.

Okay. I like that Book but my favorite was the Deathly hallows. So when you just chat like just talk when you are bored?

Hang on let me invite you to a PM where we talk about anything. If you want.

Okay. I will wait. I have all the time in the world.

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Sent it. You should be able to join now.

Done. I joined thanks. Oh and who gave you your FC?

Sorry what is FC? (20)

FC is the profile picture or PFP.

This site is asking for help on levels, getting feedback on levels you created, or just hanging out. But always stay on topic. eg. if the topic is Talk about Food and Drinks. Only talk about food and drinks. And if the topic is I Need Help on Mad Maxer, only talk about that certain level of CoCo.


thanks. 20 characters

Just summon me if you need help on any levels. I am free to help! (use @persons_name)

im back, u remember me?


AAYYYYY welcome back dude!


Hey Antyado! Good to see you again!


Welcome back! How’d ya get back


Same! I missed you guys


Welcome back man!!

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this is getting off topic but ayyyyyyy