Are alts allowed?

Chaboi said in the rules, no ban evasion with alts, and no boosting likes with alts.


I was asking about alts in game. Like people make 2 in giants gate to help them get up rank.

To help yourself get rank? No you can’t, but if you like want to be testing stuff on your alt, then yeah, you can have one.

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Ok, Cuz I test on an anonyomous. I have like thousands of those.

So, for the coco games, you can use alts, but only your main account counts and gets the prize.

Ok, cuz I have 10000 anonymous accounts which I get from copy pasting my code and trying to speedrun simple CPU on anonyomous cuz then it won’t count towards my real code on my only account.

Yeah but listen and consider this it never says you cant have an alt if you are not using it for ban evasion or boosting like am I right so it should be okay especially since I made this because I forgot my pass on Archipelago but just recently figured it out.

So go back to your account. Your not allowed to have alts, it’s the rules

Fine then if it makes you guys feel better :<

I will delete arcipelago

It doesn’t.
I’d rather have archi but it’s your account.

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Sorry for bumping this. But in my opinion, I think that alts are allowed, but alts of banned users/suspended users aren’t allowed.

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Yes as long as you don’t use them to boost your likes

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I made a topic specifying about this, and Deadpool replied to me. Here is his post:

" An alt is actually defined as this:
Alt is an account that is made by the same user of another account and pretends to be someone different.”
I said:

So basically I said you can change your account, but you can’t use more than one account concurrently, which is an alt. So I said you can’t make alts, the misunderstanding is about what an alt is it seems.

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After reading all of these comments, It is pretty clear that alts are not allowed.

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According to Danny, you can create another account (an alt), and choose to use that alt account instead of your original account. You shouldn’t, however, use both accounts simultaneously.

Okay I got it. ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ


i think it’s fine as long as you don’t like yourself with the alt

pllsssss dont necropost-


Especially counting that the question has been resolved

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oh i didn’t know it was necropost it didn’t give me the thing that says are you sure you want to revive this post it has not been used for X months sry