Is there a way to just start over and delete my progress?

I have been playing with JavaScript and want to start over with Python. I messed up and don’t have enough jewels to upgrade and am stuck on Stronghold.

I know I can change the programming language when I select a character, but every time I load a level, I have to reload the level, and it takes a long time.

I could start a new acct with a new email, but there is no way I will ever check it.


I’m not sure about resetting, that is a question for Nick.

As for not being able to complete the level… I completed with Amara and a total of about 110 HP…

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Well, completing the level is sort of a secondary concern. I’ve been fooling around with JS, but want to learn Python as a first language. I love this system that you have set up and might just replay the levels with Python, it’s not too much trouble.

But I would still like to start over.

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Create a new account. Then you can start over.


Creating a new account doesn’t cover the case where someone may want to delete their account for privacy reasons (it does store all your code, etc.).

But more to the point, I would love to be able to keep my character and redo all the levels in a different programming language without grabbing a second account also.

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You can do that. just go replay all the levels. really not seeing the use case here for this request. Nothing is stopping you. If you want gems for those levels create a new account. Privacy reasons? nobody can see your code except admins and even so, it’s all specific to this game, so who cares… there’s nothing sensitive in there.


What about purchase data?

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What about it. If you want to keep your gems then you can’t start over. But if you want to keep your gems then you want to keep playing on your current account. So still not seeing a use case for a “reset”. You want your character reset to level 1 and you want to keep the items / gems you have purchased? This would be a way to get more gems / items that you normally would not be able to attain and would be a serious flaw in the game. You could reset… play all levels to gain gems… reset… play all levels to gain gems, if they aren’t reset as well it’s just not fair to anybody else.

Or if you mean the purchase data being sensitive info? That’s not stored on codecombats servers, they use stripe as their payment processor and it’s all stored there, just the same as if you were using paypal etc.


What you call a “serious flaw in the game” is called grinding, and is a cornerstone gameplay element. I would love to be able to grind on these levels to gain gems, even if the levels increase in difficulty as I did. But I understand that is not currently feasible, and it is not my main concern.

I would like to start over with my current login credentials. That’s it. I don’t want to create a email account just for this website, I want to use my main email and start from scratch by deleting my data.

Even better would be the option of %completed with the various languages. If I choose python, I don’t lose my JavaScript data/gems/progress, but I also start from the beginning. Like on Code academy where it displays how far into each language I’ve learned.

I don’t see why I can’t erase my data and start over like I would like. But if I can’t, I can’t.


You are allowed to change your type of programming languages and you can just do the levels you did in java again in python

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why explain plese
its like buying a 3ds then wanting to buy the 3ds xl just because it has bigger screes even though your 3ds is alright

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They very well might add the ability to reset your account, but you would lose all your earned gems and all your items as well. (Although personally i don’t see any reason for them to add this, it’s just pointless. create a new account. Maybe at best they will add a way to delete an account so you can re-use your email address.)

They have said they plan to add some opportunities to grind. But until that’s in. no. You can’t grind.

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jbah8223: Okay. So I want to go back and play a level I already played, but in a different language. So I load the level it takes a minute to load. It brings up the level in the language I already beat it in. I go to the menu and select change character. This takes a second to load. Then I select my new programming language and continue. It reloads the level but my old code is still there. So I hit the “reload” button and it takes a minute to reload.

And I don’t have to do this one time. I have to do this EVERY TIME.

Frankly, it is a huge pain in the butt.

Sotonin: yeah, if they delete my account so I can reuse my email address, that’s fine. I don’t care about the gems so much as the constant annoyance of having to reload a level that I want to play in a different language.

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So because you are too lazy to click a few buttons and reset things, you want them to waste development resources to wipe your account when you could just create a new account? I’d rather them work on fixing things and adding new content personally…but to each their own. Just don’;t hold your breathe on this one.

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Dude, I asked if there was a way to do it. Apparently there isn’t.

And if you think that enhancing player’s experience and freedom is a waste, then it’s a good thing you don’t work for them.

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That’s not enhancing anybody’s experience. They already have a way to do what you described, you don’t want to do it.

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Guys, let’s please keep this civil.

Luke, we definitely want to add ways to play levels repeatedly to gain more gems so that you can’t get stuck, and also to sell old items, and to make more gems available in general before Stonehold, and to be able to easily start over in a new programming language on the same account, so all your ideas are spot on. We just haven’t had time to get there yet, but we will. For now, I can think of a couple workarounds besides what the others have mentioned.

First, you could create a new account with the same email but using plus addressing so that you don’t need a separate email address. If you have a Gmail account, you can use plus addressing to create separate accounts like this: (example of what your Gmail account might be) (for your Python craze) (for your hypothetical kid Lightning’s account)

I know that’s kind of a pain, too, but perhaps it’ll be interesting.

I can also manually reset item purchases and sessions in our database, but as you can see from the crazy volume of forum posts, it’s really hard to keep up if we start offering individual fixes like that. (I’d rather be making progress on the new features that would solve the problem forever.) But if you have paid us (for a subscription or for gems), as thanks for your support, I’d be happy to help out with that–just send me an email or private message so I can keep track of it.


I do have a google address and this was extremely helpful.


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I also find that very helpful :slight_smile: Time to adventure in new languages!

Technically that gives 1 email address infinite separate account possibilities! Wonderful!


Thank you for the clarification!

My son is playing through with Javascript at the moment with a subscription and wants to learn LUA as well (for use in Minecraft). I look forward to him being able to have progress in two separate languages in the future!

Thanks for listening to us about the second language / reset type of requests.