Are decoys too annoying in multiplayer?

OK, let’s look at Hattori (also paid hero, not so cool and strong as Ritic).
Here you can see how his aiming changes from decoy to his enemy hero placeholder. (I can upload video, but don’t think there is any sense).

As for balancing un/subscribed players…
May I ask you a few questions @brooksy125?
How many non-subscribers can beat you on multiplayer levels?
How many of them do it with decoys?
How many of them reach top-10 in the ladder of certain multiplayer level?

I took screenshots of two multiplayer levels ladders: Cavern Survival and Dueling Grounds (I played them the most as I mentioned).
So the first 30 places are here:

As we can see at Cavern Survival 12 players from 30 in red team are non-subscribers, and 8 players - for blue team. It gives as 20 from 60, exact 1/3.

7 players from 30 are non-subscribers in red team, and 10 - in blue team at Dueling Grounds. 17 of 60, even less than 1/3.

Statistics for Multiplayer Treasure Grove and Harrowland are even sadder (as far as a lot of win/loss factors depend on tactics in Cavern Survival and Dueling Grounds, but almost doesn’t matter in Multiplayer Treasure Grove and Harrowland, where subscriber’s heroes, abilities, better weapons, armor and pets are huge advantages).

So, with current balancing it’s quite normal ratio, IMHO. Only the most skilled and/or creative non-subscribed players reach the top. Like hmm3hero in Dueling Grounds)

Is there a real need to decrease quantity of non-subscribers in top-x of the ladders?


Hmm. I don’t see how this would be possible. I don’t think it’s a matter of being clever… No code should run while you’re attacking a decoy, there’s no opportunity for clever code. I think a much more likely reason could be that maybe that player has limited vision glasses (5, 10, 15…).
Although on Dueling grounds (with my Pender code) manaBlast() didn’t have any affect on you. It’s supposed to be AoE, but nothing happened to you even though you were right next to me. Was that intentional?

Oh, uhm, didn’t think of that possibility. It’s funny to be defeated because of weak glasses :laughing:

No, it wasn’t intentional (It happens all the time or once per fight?). I even hear for the first time about manaBlast() method (Pender is far less popular then Nalfar or Ritic, so I rather knew about rise of dead or drain life or sacrifice or backstab combos). The only explanation comes to my mind at the moment is that both my teams equipped with Thornprick that announces “damage reflection +5”. Maybe combination of Thornprick+self.shield() caused such effect.

Anyway, I never tried to struggle with any specific casts or heroes abilities. My strategy based on common tactic “for everybody” and if it fails - on defining what player I loss, creating and adding tactic specially for him. As for techniques I use all I have in equipment and can imagine and implement: bash, shield, jump, invisibility, damage deflector, directing decoys towards enemy hero position, directing decoys to closest enemy, dodging closest enemy, arrow-towers, bear-traps, fire-traps planting, even casting invisibility on my decoys) In Cavern Survival teleportation also.


What is AoE? Tried to google but I suppose Age of Empires is not what you meant)

What is AoE? :Refers to abilities that effect large areas and therefore potentially impacting multiple targets. MOBA Glossary


I looked up the stats on the decoy. The only thing that I can see that prevents any enemy from not attacking it is being outside of the 30 meter range, or not having good glasses to see the decoy like @Deadpool198 mentioned. But apparently, if your primary weapon is a hammer, this doesn’t lure you away either, which I find interesting. In Cavern Survival you have enough room to avoid decoys and the ogres will also take them out, but Dueling grounds it is a smaller map and there are no ogres to destroy the decoys, so the entire enemy force is chasing them down and no code is able to run… at all, if your hero can see the decoy (and limiting your vision is a huge deficit in battles) and within 30 meters.

decoy lure


I must admit I was wrong about opportunity of opponents to ignore decoys. I experiment a bit with my orges and humans teams in Dueling Grounds, hammer vs sword. And there is no possibility for clever code against decoys as @Deadpool198 mentioned (or I didn’t find it) ). In jasoneilif case looks like distance to decoys>30 and smth like target=friend.findNearest(enemy) makes his allies attack me in spite of decoy on arena.

But without decoys non-subscribers have no chance on the Dueling Grounds I would say. And even with decoys it’s very hard to compete with subscribers, and almost unreal if the subscriber have good coding skills.

It seems to me that goliath is a wrong choice for Dueling Grounds. Necromancers, assassins, sorcerers, potion-masters, librarians and trappers are more powerful themselves and/or with allies prop-up.

I personally think the non-sub clan is a good idea. As a non sub, I feel sort of left out, and by left out, I mean I can’t compete with the first ten thousand in any multiplayer arena (I have embalmed dragon chest plate). I’m in sarven desert stuck on trials and sand snakes.

If you need help you can make some topics.

There are nonsub clans.
And you can compete with the first ten thousand in multiplayer arena.
If you are stuff on a level, then please make a topic, and we’ll help you out.


Thanks! But, like, I can’t really compete
sword is bad. Plus, like I said, I didn’t sub. So really bad warriors.

you dont need a weapon for sand snakes.

I mean, they are still pretty good heroes as you can pass the campaign with them.
And there are some really good nonsub players on the leaderboards.
What matters is the code and maybe the equipment but not the heroes

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@Alexbrand would disagree. He’s one of the top arena players and he’s a non-subscriber.


Thanks, he-he)
Yes, I’m quite good at playing for knight or captain at Cavern Survival and Dueling grounds and I used to hold 4-1 places in theese ladders for some period of time. Now I don’t, as far as there are some changes to ranking system as I understand, but I think when it will be finished I would come back)
I’m not so good in coding as one could be and my results are good enough rather regarding to tactic ideas than coding skills. F.e. I prefer hammer, cause it gives wider opportunities than sword, imho.
Also, as far as I understand, your stats could be improved @Dragonlouis. I got to Glasier world a long time ago and my HP in Covern Survival is about 3500 pts. So you can pass level by level, play replayable levels and improve your skills and up stats. Good luck for all the way of coding)


Yeah, non-subscriber warrior + sword isn’t really powerful, but you can use hammer! Because hammers has many things, you can make arrow-towers, fire traps, decoys.
You can write attack strategy or defend strategy with hammer.
I have test non subscribe account and it beat my subscribe account. (both are with hammers and subscribe account has more health)
Non subscribers win!
So non-subscribers can be high in levels and they can beat subscribe accounts.

yeah, but I’m stuck on sand snakes, which is kind of a problem. So, like, I can’t buy stone builders. Plus, I have really good infinite glasses (like, the decoys. kind of annoying). Also, I only have some 1000 gems, so I’m thinking about resetting my account and not buying stuff like tarnished bronze or obsidian stuff. Wait, is this off topic?

Again if you need help make a new topic you don’t need any hammers or weapns for sand snaakes.

Hey guys!
Nick just informed me that the bug that caused red-team player’s broken code to make blue team players stop doing anything was tracked down and fixed! :tada:


Thank you :partying_face: :partying_face:!


Wow, that’s so cool. I’m very excited to play dueling grounds again now. Thank you very much!