I have found a fairly major bug but I would not be surprised if its been found before so sorry if it is

If you use a decoy next to a wall it will glide into the wall and if you use swap, you can be in the wall.

a decoy can’t glide into the wall you can use swap which is grated by elemental codex IV and up.


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Yeah, about that…

its being used alot as well

I noticed another thing why is your blue fox very far away from your hero and a peasant is right next to the decoy

The top scores in Backwoods brawl are all using it

Thats the best demonstration

this is allowed @QinWentian it is a exploit of the terrain you are allowed to do this

Wow… wowowowowowowow thats a bit broken

you can use these kinds of exploits in Cloudrip Brawl also so it is allowed.

I think that is kind of weird

exploits of terrain is part of being creative so it is allowed. this topic is resolved.

Backwoods brawl level 10 here I come!