Multiplayer Strategies/Algorithms

Non-subscriber here, played this game a while back and lost the account, got a new one and ground through the worlds to play multiplayer again. I think I may have found a way to “cheese” cavern survival, with an algorithm that can beat AlexBrand’s current strategy that puts him at #1 on blue ladder.
Here is the code:

while True:
    # Devise your own strategy. Be creative!

Notable Gear: Thornprick, Tarnished Copper Band, Leather Belt, Leather Gloves, Defensive Boots
This strategy can definitely be improved on in some way, either that be through actually summoning troops, stone hammer shenanigans, or pet abilities, but it’s sort of ridiculous how two lines of code can hold up so well in ladder. Please don’t nerf shield block percent lol

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Instant shielding is not an exploit)


Hi @NatsuTeaSufferu) Shielding strategy is not so bad, but it’s also not so good and can’t reach #1 (or even 5-2 places) i believe.

I know even much shorter code that provide #1 place)

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As Alexbrand says, shielding is ok, but a truly great tactic requires versatility. You can beat Alex’s tactic, but there are probably quite a few others which you can’t beat. I don’t love these kinds of purely equipment based strategies. For subs or non subs. I prefer cool tactics with a lot of code in them, even if they’re less successful (see my red pender strategy :grin:)… I like it because it’s fun, but it’s not going to be number 1 any time soon.

400 place is quite low for 2 hours.


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I’m going to have to finish up glacier world before trying to push multiplayer ladder, but nice!

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my tatic for you is just to keep shielding and summoning soldiers

Maybe try better code then just shielding cause all i did was shield/bash/cleave/chain-lighting/(something else that i cannot tell)
P.S. nice top 200 rank you got there

Don’t think it helps much.
For my common tactic maybe. But not not specific ones.

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yea i’m thinking about another strat