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How can I counter this strategy in Multiplayer treasure grove?


I’ve just stumbled upon an enemy, who beat me in a ridiculously clever way I can’t understand yet.
He builds a sqare of 4 fences around him, then, I suppose, swaps positions with me using some spell.
Is it a balance bug (or even cheating)? Fences are unattackable, and warrior doesnt have access to spells. I haven’t even encountered this spell ever before.
The only thing coming to my mind is to avoid his spell range once he traps himself, but this strategy is a rare case, and knowing stuff like range of spells comes to this problem again.
Also, there could be other things, like build a wall in Dueling grounds, spawn a bunch of archers inside, and eat popcorn watching enemy warrior melts. Maybe just make the fence attackable (and with low hp, so it dies faster than rebuilds) in all multiplayer levels?


you can put the enemy in a box, and based on their position, move to your corresponding position and avoid them.
or, you can summon some troops as decoys, and trick the enemy.


hmmm… when i checked the build types on the hammer, it shows: fire-trap, decoy, arrow-tower.
no fences
i think this user submitted their code before they disabled fences.
ask a staff to remove them.


You probably missed the point. My enemy can swap positions with me at will, but I can’t. Also I don’t have troop summoning yet, I only know it becomes available at some point.

Regarding disabled fences, interesting, I’ll check. There is a lot of stuff player can do that’s not listed in his available methods.


just realized boss stars are restricted in the level
my point is, use flags and coin collect manually
i think this user might be checking for the enemy of max health, then switching with them.
put on some trash gear, get some gold, summon a decoy, trick them, and win.


this user’s got a really smart strategy though.
i never thought of it (probably because i never saw swap being used before)
also, u can use omarn and throw bombs at them (i think that the throw range > swap range).


Oh, I found the swap spell, btw. It is granted by Elemental Codex IV and V
Swap range is 30m
Pretty damn unbalanced combination with fences, ya know.


That’s a rather rare strategy, so I wouldn’t be worried about it. But if you really want to outsmart it, you could try to detect if the enemy hero is building a fence (look for obstacles, e.g.) and if he does, simply stay away from him. Or go invisible. Or plant a trap or bomb for him. Or… well, there may be many solutions.


maybe i could blow my self over the fence while im trapped? :stuck_out_tongue: