Are there more heroes?


Are there more heroes going to be released?


I don’t know, probably they just did Rickdick the cold


Hello there @Ender_Dragon23,
According to codecombat’s plans code combat will release Illa Shieldsmith next. She will be waiting for you!


We? I’m waiting :wink: [20 chars]


Ok thanks, I heard There was going to be a hero named Zana is that true?


Yes! There are also Zana and Ursara:
Heres Ursara:

And heres Zana:


@Chaboi_3000 Please, don’t announce anything if you don’t know about CodeCombat plans. Also, please, don’t use “we’re going”. Of course if You are going to realese new heroes, then it’s ok. Please, say me when you will do it.


Ender, we can’t promise when and what new heroes will be available. Chaboi is using art and assets from the repository for his suggestions.