Why does code combat never add new heroes?


Why does codecombat not add anything new? I would like to see some spoilers for new pets and heroes. Thanks


Give them time. They were busy doing hour of code. And it’s winter break now. Don’t you think they have the right to have some free time?


@Chaboi_3000 yeah but when winter is done do you think they will add new heroes or somethin?


I’ve been around here for 2 1/2 years. In that time, I’ve seen lots of changes and additions. CodeCombat is still a young, growing business. Be patient and changes will happen.


@munkeyshynes okay ill wait but im just curious what do they add?


They fix bugs, add new features, new levels, new items and heroes, etc.


New Heroes comes with new levels. So I think we will see new one after volcano world release


The volcano is still very far from release. Illia is expected to come before volcano


Coming back after ~3-4 years, I can see that they’ve added a lot of new things.

My questions to you are this: Are you premium? Have you gone through ALL of the content available? If so, are your skills such that you could apply to work with them as a content CREATOR, instead of just consuming their content? It might give you better perspective about what is required to introduce new heroes and levels, including the level of coding + testing that goes into adding each new piece of content.


Have you tried going over all of the levels using a different programming language?


@Chaboi_3000 sometimes