Assessing Ability for GSOC Project Idea

Hello guys! I’m new, but I’ve tracked and forked this project a long time ago (2 months ago). Unfortunately back then, setting up codecombat on windows support was a bit of a wild west (or maybe that’s just my inexperience?) so I decided to come back when windows was fully supported (and I have more experience with node)

Anyway, I planned to join GSOC, and in fact I was planning to join another project but seeing codecombat on GSOC reminded me of it, and so I figured it would be a perfect opportunity to contribute to codecombat! I’m probably a bit behind already in applications since it is stated that it’ll favor those who worked on it before, but still, I’ll try my best, and would contribute anyway without GSOC.

I’ve tried to search but it seems that there are no threads that discuss the project ideas in github. So I wanted to start one. I’m actually having doubts if I can finish one of them, but that’s the beauty of it, learning while doing!

Add More Programming Languages

I’m not sure if I can create a parser. Seems scary :slight_smile: I’ve hacked an AST once that would calculate mathematical expressions, but programming languages seems to be another thing.


Very interesting one for sure, and it will only help spread codecombat. But the hard part is designing the interface to be intuitive on a touch device, which will require some design sense.

Classroom Organization

I want to work on this one :smiley: I’m very interested on the learning aspect of codecombat and Classroom Organization is one thing I personally would want to use in the future! I do informal ad-hoc programming teaching so if classroom organization can be made available to the masses, that would be awesome!

Build Great Classic Algorithm Demos

Personally, I think this is the most interesting project, and also the hardest one. Making a level easy and intuitive enough to feel like a game but still teach the fundamentals of algorithms would be a challenging task indeed.

It would be interesting on what are the communities thoughts on projects. I also like the Treema one, but if anything I want to port it to angularjs.

Hi @Secretmapper! Welcome to the project; glad to have you on board. It turns out most of the discussion on individual GSoC project ideas is happening in our HipChat room. We of course would be happy to have help hacking on any of these great projects, or anything else that you’re interested in doing, too. No particular project is particularly more interesting to us than any other (at least of the ones I thought up and listed in the GitHub).