Idea for CodeCombat:piggybacking off another thread

I’m a math teacher and this year I started teaching two computer classes. I have my kids using CodeCombat, but I wish there were some way to have a paid teacher account to where I can track kid’s progress.

I saw an email saying this was on the list of upcoming things. Have you seen this page:

It does talk a bit about what is there for teachers.

I didn’t, but that’s cool. If I can’t get my school to pay for it, I might have to do a donorschoose. I love this website. My coding skills stink right now but, I hope that by doing this with the kids I can become proficient at teaching this stuff.

We should have public Clans early next week, where your students can all join your Clan, and private Clans shortly thereafter where you can track their progress as their Chieftain. You’ll get one private Clan with up to 25 heroes for free, then can get unlimited private Clans with any CodeCombat site license for your school. Look for emails about it next week, and get the free teacher’s account if you haven’t already to make sure we get this stuff to you first.

Thank you Nick. I’m hoping I can get the money together for my two computer application classes.

I just want to clarify the private clans mentioned in your post: when those become available, only 25 students/heroes can be in that clan prior to having to purchase a campus license? I have over 100 students as I (like all teachers) teach more than one period of the same course, so it would definitely require that extension.

Also, is there any plans to have a clan publicly listed but filled via invite-only or, at least, vet potential members? While my kids LOVE that we are the top-ranked clan (by virtue of membership total), I’d rather prefer we be publicly ranked by accomplishment within CodeCombat and be populated more by actual students/teachers at the school.

Regardless, this site has really got my kids pumped to learn and participate in programming–so any implementation plans/ideas/etc resulting from this post would be pure icing to an already delicious cake.

@differentmatt couple good ideas for you on the public/private Clans stuf you’re working on.

Excellent! I’ve added these suggestions to our list of future work.