Attacking the hero directly

Hi I’ve been playing infinite inferno lately and im trying to attack the crystal directly but each time i try , it gives me stuff like (type error)

Could you send an example of your code?

Oh hmm what does that pencil editing icon mean? I can see your code when I click on it.
I think your problem is that Infinite Inferno doesn’t let you do .type. For findEnemies, you need to do


and not


@RenegadePenguin it means that the person has edited their post.


oof im used to used .type XD i guess il have to work withouth it

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while True:
        enemies = champion.findEnemies("hero")
        # Code your champions to turn the tides!
        if enemies:
            for enemy in enemies:
                if champion.isReady('special'):

rn my champions dont attack whats wrong???

Hello? Anyone Here? (20 chars)

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I’m here, but I don’t know what’s wrong with your code.

What level are you on? This answer will more then likely get you the help you need.

@WaWa_Yang I figured it out! You’re looking for “hero” when the type should be “base”.